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7 Things not to put in the bathroom


In general, a bathroom equipped with a bathtub, washbasin, and toilet is a space that plays an essential role in indoor life. As it plays such an important role, it stores a lot of various items such as various toiletries and cleaning tools, tissues, and towels. However, due to the nature of the space where water is mainly used, the bathroom is more humid than other spaces in the room. Because such high humidity creates an optimal environment for bacteria to grow, certain items are said to be deformed and damaged faster than the specified expiration date. So today, let’s look at some of the things that are bad to keep in the bathroom one by one.

Types of things you shouldn’t put in the bathroom

1. Toothbrush

The first thing you shouldn’t leave in the bathroom is your toothbrush. Toothbrush is one of the items we use every day to brush our teeth, and we often keep it in the bathroom. However, the moisture and poor ventilation of the bathroom structure makes it easier for bacteria to grow on the toothbrush. Therefore, when storing the toothbrush, it is said that it is said that putting the toothbrush in a place with sufficient sunlight and good ventilation rather than the bathroom prevents the growth of bacteria and even obtains the disinfection effect of ultraviolet rays.

2. Razor

One thing you shouldn’t put in the second bathroom is a razor. Like the toothbrush mentioned above, the razor is also said to be prone to bacterial growth. Also, if the humidity is high, the razor blade will rust easily. If you use a razor that has rusted like this, it can irritate the skin and cause problems such as skin irritation.

In addition, if bacteria penetrate the wound site, it can be the cause of skin-related diseases caused by bacterial infection. So, it’s a good idea to store your razor, like your toothbrush, in a dry, well-ventilated place.

3. Perfume

When I check in the bathroom to get my clothes neat, there are cases where I keep my perfume on a shelf in the bathroom to use it. Perfume is also said to be one of the items that lose function quickly when stored in the bathroom. It is known that the particles that give off the unique fragrance of Hangsu are greatly affected by the water vapor in the bathroom and the temperature of the bathroom, so it is said that the original scent or color may change when stored. Therefore, it is recommended to store the perfume in a dark place that does not directly touch the light, such as a drawer, and it is said that storing it in a space of about 15℃ helps to maintain the original fragrance for a long time.

4. Cosmetics

There are cases where cosmetics are stored in the bathroom for reasons such as time saving and convenience. Cosmetics are sensitive to light, heat, and moisture, so if you store them in the bathroom, they are greatly affected by humidity and temperature, and the expiration date may be faster. Therefore, it should be stored in a cool and shaded place, avoiding direct sunlight. In particular, in the case of basic cosmetics in a container, it is recommended to close the lid after use to prevent moisture from entering the air. In addition, nail polish is sometimes stored in the bathroom, and in this case, the lifespan will be shortened compared to the original period of use, so it is recommended to store it in a space that maintains a constant temperature.

5. Accessories

When washing your face or taking a shower, there are cases when you take out accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and rings and keep them in the bathroom for a long time. Leaving accessories in a bathroom with high humidity can further accelerate the oxidation process, causing discoloration or shortening the lifespan. Therefore, when showering or washing your face, it is recommended to remove these accessories in advance and leave them in a space other than the bathroom.

6. Linen material

Linen, a fabric made from flax fibers, absorbs sweat well and breathes well, and is often used as a fabric material in summer. It has the advantages of easy drainage of moisture and excellent ventilation, but it is said that mold is easy to form if stored in a humid bathroom. Therefore, it is said that storing items made of linen in a dry, well-ventilated place will prevent damage to the fabric and help maintain the quality of the fabric for as long as possible.

7. Pharmaceuticals and functional health food

There are cases where medicines such as headache medicines are kept in the bathroom. It is said that if these drugs are placed in a bathroom with high humidity and large temperature changes, the hydrolysis of the drug ingredients is accelerated, and the drug effect diminishes more quickly.

In addition, in the case of functional health foods such as vitamins, when placed in a bathroom with high humidity, the crystalline substances contained in the food are exposed to moisture, resulting in unstable chemical reactions. As a result, the ability to deliver nutrients is reduced and shelf life is reduced. Therefore, it is a good idea to store the medicine in a dry place as much as possible to protect it from moisture.

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