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7 Bad shower habits that are unhealthy


Taking a shower to clean the body with hot or cold water is an important management habit in maintaining and managing cleanliness. Taking a clean shower in the summer, especially in hot weather and sweating a lot, is an essential hygiene habit. However, it is known that if the wrong shower method is continued, it not only damages the skin and mucous membranes of the scalp, but also affects the occurrence of various skin problems and related diseases. So, today, let’s check out the bad shower habits that adversely affect the overall parts of the body, including the skin, one by one.

Bad shower habits that are unhealthy

1. Take a long shower in hot water

Taking a shower in hot water removes the oil that is naturally produced by the body and is responsible for the moisturizing action that keeps the skin moist. In addition, taking a shower for a long time also causes the side effect of removing moisture from the skin, which makes the dryness of the skin worse. And if you shower in such hot water for a long time, it speeds up the blood circulation of the skin, making the skin red and in severe cases, it can cause a rash or itching. Especially in winter, I often take a long shower with this hot water. It is recommended to take a short shower within 10 minutes, and the temperature of the water is also suitable for feeling lukewarm.

2. Wash your hair daily

It is easy to think that washing your hair once a day is a very important management habit for hygiene management, but it is said that it rather harms the hair and is not good for the health of the scalp. If you wash your hair 2-3 times a week, oil will naturally come out of the scalp, helping to maintain proper moisture in the hair and scalp.

It is also recommended that you wash your hair in the shower first. The reason for this is that chemicals such as parabens and alcohol from products such as shampoo and conditioner used to wash hair can remain as residues, which can clog pores and cause skin troubles through skin irritation. Therefore, it is said that you need to wash your hair and take a shower to thoroughly remove and rinse off these chemical residues.

3. Control the number of showers

It is easy to think that taking a shower frequently will wash away foreign substances and dust accumulated on the skin during outdoor activities, so it will be hygienic. In particular, excessive showering in winter, when the skin becomes dry, disrupts the balance of essential oils and moisture in the skin, causing dryness of the skin and various skin troubles. Therefore, it is said that once every 1-2 days is appropriate in cold winter, and if you sweat a lot or take a shower several times during the hot summer period, it is recommended to use soap and body wash only once and wash the rest with water only. said to be good.

4. Don’t shower right after exercise

Taking a shower too often is a problem by breaking the oil-water balance of the skin, but it is recommended to shower quickly right after exercising or after sweating a lot. If you don’t shower after sweating, not only does it cause odor, but the sweat remains on your skin, which can lead to bacterial growth and acne, pimples, and various skin problems.

5. Shower with lots of foam

It is said that washing with too much foam in the shower makes your skin feel clean, but it is actually not good for your skin. Soaps and body washes used in the shower contain surfactants, but if this surfactant is excessive, it is not good for skin health because it washes away the oil, which is a skin barrier that has beneficial effects such as moisturizing, more than necessary. do. In addition, if foam or soap remains after showering, it is recommended to rinse thoroughly, as it can cause rashes and hives as well as dry skin.

6. Keep Used Shower Balls Wet

After using the shower ball, I wash it roughly and hang it in the bathroom. However, in the shower bowl washed roughly like this, bacteria and dead skin cells remain, so if you leave them in a humid bathroom, the bacteria will grow more actively. If you use it again after that, it can act as a cause of skin disease. Therefore, after taking a shower, it is recommended to remove as much water as possible from the shower ball and dry it in a sunny or dry place. It’s called a good way. In addition, used towels are often left hanging in a humid bathroom like a shower bowl. In this case, it is recommended to dry them in a dry place rather than in the bathroom after use, as this can cause the growth of bacteria and bacteria in the towels. do.

7. Wrap your hair with a towel and dry it

After taking a shower, I often dry my hair by fixing it with a towel. However, if you wrap your hair tightly like this, it will cause stress and damage your hair. Not only that, but sometimes you rub your hair hard with a towel. It is recommended not to rub your hair like this, as it can damage the hair and cause hair loss.

Also, it is recommended to rinse your body with cold water for 30 seconds at the end of the shower. Rinsing the body with cold water is said to have beneficial effects in boosting the body’s immunity, activating fat burning, and increasing resistance to stress. In addition, if you use a moisturizer, please note that it is recommended to apply it after showering while your skin is moist.

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