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5 ways to get rid of puffiness on your face


When you wake up in the morning, it’s common for everyone to experience swelling in their face and body. When you have an important event or an appointment, when your face is swollen, you tend to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. This swelling of the face occurs when the water, which makes up more than 70% of the whole body, stagnates in certain parts such as blood and lymph, and it is caused by various causes such as irregular and wrong lifestyles and rapidly changing lifestyles. It can be said that it is caused by the disruption of the normal metabolism of our body. Therefore, it is very important to improve various lifestyle habits, including eating habits, to reduce facial swelling. So today, let’s take a look at various information that will help you get rid of facial puffiness one by one.

How to get rid of facial swelling

1. Limit excessive salt intake

One of the biggest reasons why your face swells in the morning can be said to be the effect of the food you ate the day before. In particular, if you eat excessively salty foods a few hours before going to sleep, the sodium concentration in your body will increase and you will drink a lot of water. Therefore, it is recommended to have a habit of not eating 1 to 2 hours before going to bed, as well as reducing the daily salt intake to less than 10g to make a habit of eating fresh. In addition, the habit of regulating the intake of stews and soups cooked with excessive salt, as well as various processed foods, is also an important management habit to prevent swelling of the face.

2. Wash your face with hot and cold water alternately

When you wash your face with cold and warm water alternately, it promotes blood circulation and helps to get rid of swelling quickly. And if you rinse it off with cold water after washing your face, it is said to be more effective in alleviating swelling.

Also, in order to get rid of facial swelling in a short time, put a spoon, towel, or cold pack in the refrigerator in advance and take it out and place it around the eyes, or cover it and massage it on the face to see a good effect in reducing swelling in the morning. In addition, after drinking green tea, wrap the remaining tea bag in plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator, take it out, and place it around your eyes.

3. Steady aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise, which involves moving the body a lot, is known to help prevent and subside facial swelling. If you do aerobic exercise such as walking or jogging for 30-40 minutes a day, it is said to help reduce swelling. Stretching is also said to help stimulate lymphocytes and improve blood circulation, helping to reduce swelling. In particular, stretching after waking up in the morning is known to have the benefit of helping to flush out wastes and toxins accumulated in the body overnight.

4. Acupressure and massage to help relieve swelling

Acupressure methods such as Hapgokhyeol and lymphatic massage and massage are also good ways to relieve swelling. Hapgokhyeol is the slightly recessed part between the index finger and thumb, and it is said that if you apply acupressure by pressing the Hapgokhyeol for about 5 minutes, it helps blood circulation and relieves swelling. In addition, lymphatic massage, which helps to relax muscles by applying pressure to the blood points and lymph, is said to be effective in reducing swelling by promoting blood circulation. Gently massage from the center of the face to the back of the ears and from the front of the eyes to the temples.

5. Eat foods that are effective in reducing swelling

In order to relieve swelling, it is also very important to eat a variety of foods, which are excellent for diuretic action, which helps the body discharge waste products along with the smooth discharge of sodium. It is said that various foods such as old pumpkin, barley radish, black beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes are excellent in preventing swelling due to their excellent diuretic effect, including promoting blood circulation.

Among them, old pumpkin is the most representative food for relieving not only facial swelling but also swelling of the arms and legs. This excellent waste removal effect of old pumpkin is known to help a lot in reducing swelling caused by diabetes and postpartum swelling. In addition, consumption of various fruits such as bananas, tomatoes, apples, watermelons, grapefruits, and pineapples, as well as seaweeds such as seaweed, is said to have an excellent effect in helping the body excrete sodium and wastes.

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