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5 Diseases to watch out for in autumn


Diseases to watch out for in autumn

During the changing seasons, the seasons change, the circadian rhythm is also affected by sudden temperature changes during the day and at night. In the process of adapting to this changed rhythm, our immune function is weakened and the probability of suffering various diseases increases. Especially in the autumn season, when the temperature drops, muscles and blood vessels constrict, which can lead to decreased blood circulation and pain in muscles and joints. These actions can lead to the development of the disease involved and make the condition worse if you already have it. Therefore, it is important to check in advance for diseases with a high incidence during the changing seasons, and to pay more attention to and manage immunity and health accordingly. So today, let’s learn about various diseases to be aware of during the changing seasons. Diseases to watch out for in the changing seasons of autumn

1. Cold

The most common disease in the autumn season is the common cold. A cold, a symptom of infection of the respiratory system caused by more than 200 viruses, is a disease that is caused by temperature fluctuations that increase during the changing seasons. Symptoms of a cold usually improve after 1 to 2 weeks by taking treatment drugs and taking a break for a certain period of time, but a persistent cold can accompany various complications. In particular, the risk of complications is high in infants and the elderly with weakened immune function, so more careful management and attention are required. In order to prevent a cold, it is necessary to eat a balanced diet of fresh seasonal foods, drink 7 to 8 glasses of water a day, and get enough rest and sleep to maintain immunity. In addition, during dry weather, you should hang wet laundry or run a humidifier to maintain the proper indoor temperature and temperature.

2. Sinusitis

Sinusitis, also called sinusitis, is a representative disease to be aware of during the changing seasons. Sinusitis is a disease that is accompanied by various symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, fever, and malaise due to inflammation of the sinuses, which are empty spaces in the facial bones around the nose. In the case of acute sinusitis, which is a common complication of a cold, it is said that the patient recovers completely without sequelae within 4 weeks with proper treatment. However, if treatment is delayed and progresses to chronic, it often recurs, and it can cause various complications such as cellulitis around the eye, subdural abscess, meningitis, and osteomyelitis. Therefore, it is recommended to prevent colds, the cause of sinusitis, and manage immunity through personal hygiene management and healthy lifestyle.

3. Otitis media

Otitis media, a bacterial infection that inflames the middle ear from the eardrum to the cochlea, is also a disease with a high incidence during the changing seasons. Otitis media is caused by a combination of functional disorders of the ear canal, viral and bacterial infections, allergies, and environmental factors. Various symptoms such as ear pain, pus, tinnitus, dizziness, and a feeling of fullness in the ear appear, and in severe cases, systemic symptoms such as fever, headache, and indigestion may be accompanied. In addition, persistent otitis media may cause hearing loss, and serious sequelae such as facial nerve palsy and language development disorder may occur. In order to prevent otitis media, it is necessary to take care not to catch a cold, and to perform thorough personal hygiene such as washing hands after going out. You should also refrain from habitually digging up earwax, and refrain from using cotton swabs, especially with water in your ears.

4. Acute tonsillitis

Acute tonsillitis, which refers to acute inflammation of the palatine tonsils, is also a disease that increases in autumn when the daily temperature difference is large. In most cases, sudden high fever and chills appear, and a sore throat that invades the lymph glands of the surrounding throat tissue may develop. In addition, symptoms throughout the body such as headache, general weakness, and joint pain may appear. The general symptoms of acute tonsillitis are similar to those of a cold, so treatment is often delayed. If treatment is delayed, complications may occur due to worsening of related symptoms, and edema of the tonsils due to inflammation may cause airway obstruction. In order to prevent tonsillitis, it is necessary to maintain good oral hygiene and to wash hands frequently. In addition, adequate hydration and rest are also important management habits to prevent tonsillitis.

5. Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a disease that causes inflammation of the lungs, and the incidence is high during the changing seasons when the temperature fluctuates sharply in the morning and evening. The normal airway mucosa is covered with cells and thin mucus in cells, and in the changing seasons when the temperature drops and becomes dry, the body’s water decreases and the normally covered mucus is not produced smoothly. Pneumonia requires special attention as it can cause more fatal results, especially in infants, the elderly, and chronically ill patients with weakened immune systems.

Other diseases to watch out for

In addition to the various diseases mentioned above, during the changing season, the effects of greatly changing temperature may cause problems in the constriction and relaxation of blood vessels, which may increase the risk of vascular-related diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke. In addition, as the temperature decreases, muscles and blood vessels constrict, reducing flexibility and causing joint pain. Care and management are important because these actions can cause worsening of symptoms of diseases such as arthritis.

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