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4 Main Benefits of Olive Leaf


Olive is a fruit of the evergreen tree of the ash family, which is native to Turkey. It is known that the content of major key ingredients such as oleic acid, selenium, vitamin E, and dietary fiber helps control cholesterol and anti-inflammatory action, and is effective in preventing cancer and osteoporosis. In addition, olive oil obtained by pressing olive fruit is recognized for its excellent efficacy as it is included as a major component of the Mediterranean diet, one of the world’s most recognized healthy diets.

Olives with such excellent efficacy are known to have excellent efficacy not only for the flesh and oil, but also for the leaves. Because it contains a large amount of major active ingredients such as oleuropein and oleic acid, it is said to have various beneficial effects on the body such as antioxidant, vascular health, and antibacterial action. Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician and pioneer of Western medicine, also called olive leaves a natural antibiotic, and has been widely used as a natural antibiotic since ancient Egypt. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of olive leaves one by one.

Main Benefits of Olive Leaf

1. Antioxidant action

Olive trees are rich in oleuropein, a type of polyphenol and known as a powerful antioxidant. Olive leaf contains the most oleuropein component, and the amount is known to be about 50 times higher than that of olive oil. It is called the root of all diseases due to this abundant oleuropein component, and it is said to have an excellent antioxidant action to remove free radicals that cause cell and DNA destruction.

The excellent antioxidant power of olive leaves has also been confirmed through a study conducted at Southern Cross University in Australia. As a result of confirming the index of antioxidant ability, it was reported that the antioxidant power of olive leaf extract is 5 times that of vitamin C and twice that of green tea extract. Olive leaf is known to have a beneficial effect on enhancing immune function due to its excellent antioxidant properties and natural antibiotic properties.

2. Vascular health

The oleuropein component in the olive leaf mentioned above is known to be effective in reducing the level of LDL cholesterol, which penetrates the inside of the blood vessel wall and aggregates like a lump, which impedes the smooth blood flow. In addition, oleuropein is excellent in inhibiting the formation of blood clots, which are clots in blood vessels, which also help to improve blood flow. In addition, oleuropein is known to help prevent vascular diseases such as high blood pressure as it is excellent in blood pressure lowering action by lowering blood pressure.

3. Antibacterial action

The oleuropein component, which is abundantly contained in olive leaves, is said to be effective in preventing the penetration of various harmful bacteria and viruses, and is also effective in antibacterial and antiviral action that inhibits the growth of the body. When consumed regularly, such as olive leaf tea or olive leaf extract, it is said to have a beneficial effect not only in preventing colds, but also in preventing infectious diseases such as herpes.

4. Skin health

The excellent antibacterial action of olive leaves is said to be effective in preventing and relieving symptoms of various skin-related diseases such as dermatitis, acne, and eczema. In addition, the strong antioxidant power of olive leaves slows the aging process of the skin by removing free radicals, the main culprit of aging, and helps to improve skin elasticity.

Other effects and precautions

Olive leaf is known to have beneficial effects in preventing and improving symptoms of respiratory and bronchial-related diseases such as rhinitis and bronchitis, in addition to the various effects mentioned above. In addition, it is said to have a good effect in restoring energy and improving symptoms of chronic fatigue by promoting metabolism and blood circulation. In addition, improvement of brain function, neuroprotective action, and arthritis are also among the main benefits of olive leaf.

Olive leaves are known to have no side effects. However, due to its blood pressure lowering action, it is recommended to limit intake if you are taking blood pressure medications or have low blood pressure.

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