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4 Incredible Benefits Of Doing Push Ups

Benefits Of Doing Push Ups
Benefits Of Doing Push Ups (Pixabay)

‘Push-up’ is one of the three major exercises in the gym along with ‘long run and sit-up’. The reason push-ups are a good exercise is because they can be done without any exercise equipment and without restrictions on the location. It is the best strength exercise for beginners, women, and middle-aged people who have just started strength training. That’s why, for those starting out in strength training, I recommend that you master push-ups slowly.

Push-ups have multiple benefits on the body

First, the muscles are strengthened. Various muscles such as pectoralis major (chest), triceps (arms), deltoid (shoulder), and abdominal muscles (tummy) are strengthened during the process of bending and straightening the arm. Through these strengthened muscles, it helps to prevent various diseases such as frozen shoulder and rotator cuff damage by reinforcing vulnerable parts of the body.

It also prevents injuries. Doing push-ups before starting a workout will help loosen tight muscles and ligaments. It improves flexibility and prevents injuries with a full-body stretching effect that releases stiff muscles.

Posture is also corrected. Push-ups keep your entire body in a straight line and correct posture during the exercise. Due to this, the spine is straightened and diseases such as discs are prevented, and since the head and neck are held in a straight line, the symptoms of turtle neck can also be corrected.

Lastly, push-ups require you to stand on your stomach and hold on to your toes, so the venous blood in your toes and calves easily returns to your heart and promotes blood circulation. It is effective in reducing body fat by consuming a lot of calories to use the whole body muscle.

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