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4 Amazing Honey Garlic Benefits


Garlic, which is widely used as a food ingredient due to its unique pungent smell and taste, is an excellent superfood that contains a lot of beneficial ingredients for the body, such as allicin, various vitamins, organic germanium, and selenium. Sweet-tasting honey also contains abundant sugar, various physiologically active substances, and natural plant compounds, so it is well known as an excellent food for improving body immunity and recovering from fatigue through excellent metabolism-stimulating action. It is said that when two foods containing these excellent nutrients meet, the effect becomes even greater. Honey garlic, which is made by marinating garlic in honey and stored for a certain period of time, is said to have an excellent effect in helping the overall health of the body when consumed. In addition, it has the advantage of being much easier to consume because the spicy taste of garlic is mixed with the sweetness of honey. So today, let’s learn about the various benefits and side effects of honey garlic, as well as various information related to how to make it.

Main Benefits of Honey Garlic

1. Improving immunity

Both honey and garlic are well-known as excellent immune-boosting foods that help boost immunity. When consumed, honey garlic improves the immune function of the body with its excellent antibacterial and antiviral effects, so it is excellent in protecting and protecting the body from various viruses, pathogens, and bacteria that infiltrate from the outside, and it is said to be effective in preventing various infectious diseases. It is also said to be effective in preventing colds, which are easily caught when the body’s immune system is weakened. In addition, garlic’s abundant allicin and selenium components are known to be excellent anticancer components for preventing cancer, so they also have the effect of lowering the possibility of cancer. has been known to In addition, the excellent bactericidal action of allicin is said to have an excellent effect in helping to suppress the growth of Helicobacter pylori, one of the causes of gastric ulcer.

2. Prevention of cardiovascular disease

When honey garlic is consumed, it is said that allicin and selenium in garlic protect blood vessels from free radicals and improve blood quality, thereby effectively improving the overall health of blood vessels.

In addition, it reduces the level of LDL cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol that penetrates into the inner wall of blood vessels and causes inflammation, and at the same time lowers the level of triglyceride, a fat component in the blood, and regulates blood pressure to prevent various cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. said to give.

3. Skin health

Excessive free radicals accelerate the aging of the skin and accelerate the aging process. It is said that the rich antioxidant in garlic protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by these free radicals and helps a lot in improving the immune system of the skin. In addition, it is said to help prevent and improve skin-related diseases such as dermatitis based on improved skin immunity and excellent anti-inflammatory action. And honey garlic is known to have a good effect on the rapid recovery of wounds caused by trauma.

4. Fatigue recovery

Because honey contains abundant carbohydrates, it is also well known as an excellent anti-fatigue agent that quickly restores depleted body energy. Garlic also contains a large amount of various vitamins, minerals, and sulfur compounds, so it has an excellent metabolic effect to relieve fatigue. It is said that the consumption of honey garlic, a combination of these two foods, can provide sufficient energy and invigorate vitality to quickly recover from fatigue.

Other Benefits

It is said that when honey garlic is consumed, it suppresses inflammation in the bronchial tubes and lungs, protects the bronchial tubes, and helps promote bronchial and respiratory health. It is also a food that is recognized for its excellence as an antitussive expectorant that stops frequent coughing and clears phlegm. In addition, the effects of improving cold hands and feet, excreting heavy metals from the body, and removing toxins are also known as the effects obtained by ingesting honey garlic.

Honey Garlic Side Effects and How to Make

Although honey garlic has various effects, if consumed in excess, stomach-related symptoms are caused by the allicin component contained in garlic. . It is also recommended to be cautious about consumption if you have a honey-related allergy. And since the main component of honey is sugar, it is not recommended to consume it if you have a disease or problem related to blood sugar.

Honey garlic can be made relatively simply without complicated preparation and cooking process. First, steam the washed garlic in a steamer for about 10 minutes. After that, let the garlic cool down for a while, then drain the water and put the garlic in a sterilized jar, then pour honey to submerge the garlic. And store it in a dark place indoors for a week, and then take 3 tablets a day on an empty stomach before meals. It is said that it is good to add steamed garlic as it is or finely mince it before marinating it in honey. It is said that there is a way to consume raw garlic without steaming, by washing it well in water, removing the moisture, and storing it with honey for a week. However, it is said that when garlic is steamed, the antioxidant content of S-alicysteine ​​increases about 4 times compared to raw garlic.

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