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4 Amazing Green Lipped Mussel Benefits and Side Effects


Mussels, a mollusk of the Sasaeoptera family, are excellent in making a light and refreshing broth, and are often used as a main ingredient in soups, soups, stews, and steamed dishes. It contains high-quality protein as well as various vitamins and minerals such as iron, vitamin A and vitamin B2, so it is excellent in preventing various adult diseases and is well known as seafood suitable for dieting due to its low calorie.

Mussels with many of these beneficial properties have numerous species distributed around the world. Green-lipped mussels are one of these types of mussels. They are larger than regular mussels and have a green outer shell. It is not only used as an ingredient in various dishes such as soup, roasting, steaming, etc., but also in the form of oil, powder, and nutritional supplements. In addition, it has excellent health benefits such as anti-inflammatory action and blood circulation, so it is reported to have an excellent action in the prevention of various chronic diseases and vascular diseases. Now, let’s check the main efficacy and various information of Green Lipped Mussel one by one.

Green Lipped Mussel’s main effects

1. Anti-inflammatory

Green-lipped mussels feed mainly on plankton, which is distributed along the coast of New Zealand. In New Zealand, the sun is strong and the UV rays are very strong. It is said that these plankton create and accumulate large amounts of anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants that protect themselves in order to survive from strong UV rays. It is said that green-lipped mussels accumulate anti-inflammatory substances contained in plankton as they are in the process of ingesting these plankton.

Green-lipped mussels are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent anti-inflammatory substances.

2. Arthritis improvement

Green-lipped mussel’s excellent anti-inflammatory action suppresses the synthesis of leukotriene, known as an inflammatory substance, to relieve swelling or pain caused by inflammation, and at the same time, it prevents the destruction of cartilage by the inflammatory reaction, thereby improving the symptoms of arthritis. They say it helps a lot. Green-lipped mussels are also rich in a compound called liprinol. This liprinol ingredient works well for joint and cartilage health, helping to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. As a result of ingesting green lipped mussel extract oil for 8 weeks for degenerative arthritis patients at several universities in Korea, a study has been published that joint function improved by 83.7%. In addition, New Zealand’s indigenous people, the Maori, have a lower incidence of arthritis than those who live inland. .

3. Bone Health

Green-lipped mussels are said to be beneficial not only in preventing the aforementioned arthritis, but also in promoting overall bone health. Green-lipped mussels are rich in calcium, a mineral that makes up bones, and are known to help reduce the risk of bone diseases such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia by preventing bone loss. In addition, green-lipped mussel has a high content of vitamin D, which helps to accumulate calcium absorbed in the body, and is known to help improve bone density.

4. Blood circulation

Cholesterol and waste products are deposited on the inner wall of blood vessels, and when the level of triglycerides rises, the blood vessels, which are passageways through which blood passes, are narrowed, and the blood supply that should be smoothly supplied to each body tissue is insufficient, leading to a decrease in blood flow. . In particular, an increase in LDL cholesterol, which penetrates the inside of the blood vessel wall and causes an inflammatory reaction, is a major risk factor for various vascular diseases. The powerful anti-inflammatory action of omega-3 fatty acids abundant in green lipped mussel helps to control cholesterol levels, remove triglycerides, and reduce LDL cholesterol levels, improving blood circulation and reducing the risk of various vascular diseases.

Other benefits and side effects

Green-lipped mussels are said to be effective in improving the intestinal environment and improving intestinal function by helping to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine as well as the various effects mentioned above. It is also said to help improve muscle and nerve function by enhancing the function of nerve cells. In addition, the effect of helping to strengthen the immune function of the body and preventing aging of the skin through its excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects are also said to be the main effects of green-lipped mussels.

Green-lipped mussels have such a variety of benefits, but if you have an allergy related to shellfish or seafood, you should be cautious about consuming them. In addition, depending on the constitution, side effects such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and nausea may occur, and if ingested in a functional form, there may be problems when taking it with a thrombolytic agent. It is advisable to decide Also, since it is known that the effect of improving the joint function of green lipped mussel mentioned above can only be obtained in the form of green lipped mussel extract oil, please refer to this point before taking it.

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