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4 Amazing Benefits Of Jerusalem Artichoke Tea


Pork potato belonging to the Asteraceae is a perennial herb native to North America. The tuberous rhizome that grows in the ground is used for food, and is also called fattening due to its distinctive bumpy shape. In addition, pork potatoes not only contain abundant inulin, a type of polysaccharide, but also have a high content ratio of various nutrients essential for smooth metabolism such as vitamin C and iron, which is known to have various beneficial effects on the body. there is. Pork potatoes can be consumed in various forms such as stewed, rice cake, steamed, juice, and tea. Among them, drinking pork potatoes as a tea makes it much easier to eat, and has the advantage of being able to consume various active ingredients contained in pork potatoes more effectively. Now, let’s take a look at each of the various effects you get when you consume Jerusalem artichoke tea.

Jerusalem artichoke tea main benefits

1. Blood sugar control

The most important ingredient in pork potatoes is inulin. Inulin, a type of water-soluble dietary fiber, is abundantly contained in burdock, deodeok, bellflower, and potatoes. It is known to contain about 75 times more inulin than ordinary potatoes. In addition, inulin accounts for about 14 to 19% of the total weight in the fruits of raw pork potatoes, but when the pork potatoes are dried for tea, the content of inulin increases to about 75%.

This rich inulin component acts as a natural insulin and helps control blood sugar by suppressing the rapid rise in blood sugar after a meal. In addition, the abundant plant compounds contained in pork potatoes also help the smooth secretion of insulin and play a role in protecting the beta cells of the pancreas that secrete insulin. When taken regularly, Jerusalem artichoke tea is said to help prevent diabetes and improve symptoms through excellent blood sugar control.

2. Gut health

It is said that inulin in pork potatoes is converted into the form of oligosaccharides rich in dietary fiber rather than glucose during the digestion process. Due to this conversion process, it is not digested by digestive enzymes and reaches the intestine and serves as food for beneficial intestinal bacteria, so it is said to help improve the intestinal environment and overall health of the intestine. In addition, it has the effect of facilitating bowel movements by promoting bowel movements, so when you drink Jerusalem artichoke tea regularly, it is effective in removing sukbyeon and preventing and improving constipation symptoms.

3. Control Cholesterol Levels

The rich inulin component in the pork potato is also involved in the excretion of bile acids, so it is said to help reduce cholesterol levels. Inulin not only increases the level of LDL cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol, but also has the effect of reducing the concentration of triglycerides, a risk factor that promotes the breakdown of HDL cholesterol, which is good cholesterol. Due to these actions, it is said that it has a good effect in preventing vascular diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

4. Diet

Pork potatoes have the advantage of being low in calories, and the abundant inulin component absorbs moisture from the body and expands. This effect keeps satiety as long as possible, helping to control diet and weight. In addition, the blood sugar control effect obtained from the steady intake of Jerusalem artichoke tea is beneficial in preventing and improving the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, which is the cause of various adult diseases due to various factors such as an increase in body fat, an increase in blood sugar, and an increase in blood pressure. .

Other benefits and how to eat Jerusalem artichoke

In addition to the various effects mentioned above, if you drink Jerusalem artichoke tea regularly, it has a beneficial effect on the antioxidant action that helps to remove free radicals, and it is said to have a beneficial effect on the prevention of skin aging. In addition, alleviating severe diarrhea symptoms and improving asthma symptoms are also said to be among the benefits obtained by consuming Jerusalem artichoke tea.

In order to drink Jerusalem artichoke tea as a tea, you must first remove the skin of the pork potato, then cut it into an appropriate size and dry it naturally. It is said that you can drink well-dried pork potatoes by putting 5-6 pieces in boiling water and brewing. It is said to be a good way to drink with burdock, jujube, or wolfberry depending on your preference.

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