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4 Amazing Benefits Of Horsetail (and side effects)


Horsetail is a perennial plant that belongs to the vascular plant, Sophidae, and is distributed in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere such as Korea, China, and Japan. It was given the name Horsetail because it is a grass that cattle eat well, and it is called by various names such as Pilduyeop and Bambap. It is also known as a plant that has existed on Earth for 4 million years since the Paleozoic Era. Horsetails that grow in sunny fields, yards, and hills are propagated by spores, not seeds. It grows from deep underground into the underground tube, and the reproductive stem comes out in early spring to make sporangial ears. After that, a vegetative stem comes out and grows to a height of about 30-40 cm. The raw stems of horsetail are mainly used as ingredients for dishes such as vegetables. In addition, horsetail is rich in antioxidants such as flavonoids and tannins, as well as various nutrients such as potassium, calcium, iron, and silicon, and is known to have various beneficial effects on the body. Due to these effects, horsetail has been used in oriental medicine as a medicinal herb called munhyeong, and in the West, it is said that it has been widely used as a medicine to treat various diseases and herbal tea to treat the mind and body. Now, let’s take a look at the main effects of horsetail and the side effects to be aware of when ingesting them one by one.

Main effects of horsetail

1. Diuretic

Horsetail is known to have a good effect on the diuretic effect, which promotes the excretion of urine and promotes excretion. Because of its excellent diuretic action, it has been widely used in oriental medicine since ancient times as a diuretic to facilitate the excretion of urine. In addition, its excellent diuretic effect is excellent in helping to improve kidney function, and it has been known to help relieve symptoms of various related diseases such as nephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, and urethritis.

In addition, the rich potassium component is also involved in helping the excretion of wastes and excess sodium remaining in the body, so it is said to have a beneficial effect on improving the symptoms of edema.

2. Boost immunity

Many natural antibiotics and polyphenol-based antioxidants contained in horsetail increase the amount of antioxidant enzymes in the body. It is said that by this action, it lowers the concentration of free radicals and at the same time helps to remove toxins and harmful substances, thereby improving the overall immune system of the body. In addition, the complex action of various natural mineral components abundantly contained in horsetail is also effective in helping to stabilize the immune system. In addition, the excellent immune activity of various antioxidants contained in horsetail helps to reduce the risk of cancer by inhibiting the proliferation of abnormal cells that cause cancer.

3. Skin Health

It is said that various antioxidants abundant in horsetail remove free radicals that cause skin aging, thereby improving skin wrinkles and preventing skin aging. In addition, the silicon contained abundantly in horsetail is known as an excellent anti-aging ingredient, and it is said to have a good effect on improving skin elasticity. Also, the silicic acid component of horsetail has a good effect on acne treatment, and it is said to help improve symptoms such as oily skin, skin eczema, and atopic dermatitis.

4. Prevention of adult diseases

It is said to help prevent various adult diseases related to blood vessels by lowering blood pressure and regulating blood cholesterol levels through the complex action of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins contained in large amounts in horsetail. Horsetail is also known to have the effect of regulating blood sugar, so it is said to have the effect of preventing diabetes and alleviating symptoms. Through various clinical studies and animal experiments, it has been confirmed that horsetail extract is effective in improving the symptoms of diabetes through blood sugar control.

5. Bone Health

The large amount of silicon contained in horsetail plays an important role in the formation and growth of bones. It is said that this action makes bones strong and helps prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis, which are easy to occur due to weakening of bone density. In addition, based on the excellent anti-inflammatory action of horsetail, it increases the production of substances that fight inflammation and helps to suppress substances that cause inflammation. This effect is also known to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, which causes pain due to the production of inflammation in the joints. Other efficacy and side effects

In addition to the various effects introduced above, horsetail is also effective in hemostasis to suppress bleeding, and it is said that it can help improve and treat symptoms such as nosebleeds, hematemesis, and excessive menstruation. In addition, the rich silicon content of horsetail also has the effect of healing wounds, helping the rapid recovery of wounds caused by trauma. Other health benefits of consuming horsetail include managing the health of nails and hair, improving asthma symptoms, and improving chronic bronchitis.

Although there are various effects, horsetail also has side effects to be aware of. It has a cold nature, so it is suitable for people with a lot of heat in the body, but it is not suitable for people with a weak pulse and a cold body, so it is recommended to avoid intake as much as possible. In addition, depending on the constitution, allergy symptoms may occur, so it is good to be careful, and it is recommended not to consume it during pregnancy. In addition, horsetail has the effect of lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, so it is said that it is a good way to decide whether to consume it after consulting for those with related diseases such as hypoglycemia and hypotension.

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