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4 Amazing Apple Mint Benefits and Side Effects


Mint, belonging to the Lamiaceae family, is a kind of herb characterized by its unique refreshing and refreshing taste. It is used as a spice material to add flavor to various meat dishes, bread, sweets, and beverages with its unique scent and taste, and is widely used as a raw material for perfumes and cosmetics. Mint with such a wide range of uses is classified into several types, such as peppermint, spearmint, catmint, odecolon mint, and bowlsmint, depending on the nature of the essential oil component, which is the main ingredient.

Apple mint refers to a type of such mint, and it can be said that it is characterized by the unique refreshing feeling of mint mixed with the scent of apple. With this unique flavor of apple mint, it is widely used in tea, meat dishes, and fish dishes to remove fishy and bitter odors. In particular, it is known that adding apple mint to lamb dishes that has a unique smell is effective in removing the peculiar smell of lamb. In addition, it is widely used in soaps, cosmetics and potpourri.

In addition, apple mint has excellent effects such as sedative, sterilizing, analgesic, and health tonic due to various medicinal ingredients, including menthol, which is abundantly contained in apple mint. . Now, let’s take a closer look at the main effects of apple mint and the side effects to be aware of when ingesting it.

Apple mint main benefits

1. nervous stability

The most representative effect of apple mint is that it has a calming effect on the nerves based on its excellent sedative effect. It is known that menthol, a component that gives mint’s unique fragrance, has a beneficial effect on calming the anxious and anxious mind and relieving sensitive nerves.

It is also reported to be effective in relieving severe headache symptoms caused by nervous irritability or severe mental stress.

2. Improvement of digestive function

Improving gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion is also one of the main benefits of apple mint. It has been known that menthol, which is rich in menthol, is effective in helping digestion. It is also said to help relieve stomach pain and relieve frequent diarrhea symptoms.

3. Sterilization

Apple mint is known to have an excellent sterilization effect by blocking and removing harmful bacteria. It is said to be helpful in preventing gastrointestinal diseases caused by the proliferation of various harmful bacteria as well as inhibiting bacterial dysentery. It is also said to have an excellent analgesic effect to reduce pain, and is said to be beneficial in reducing pain caused by arthritis.

4. Bad breath removal

It is said that menthol, which gives a unique refreshing feeling of apple mint, is effective in removing bad breath. The reason why apple mint is widely used as a raw material for various toothpaste products can be said to be closely related to these effects. In addition, the excellent sterilization effect of apple mint mentioned above is excellent in preventing the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity, and it is said that it helps a lot in improving the overall health of the oral cavity.

Other efficacy and side effects

In addition to the various effects mentioned above, it is effective in improving symptoms such as dermatitis and eye redness, and it is also said to be helpful in alleviating symptoms such as decreased vision, frequent nosebleeds, and general paralysis and numbness. In addition, if apple mint is consumed regularly as tea, it is said to have a beneficial effect on adequately recovering from fatigue caused by overwork.

Although apple mint has such a variety of effects, it is said that it is recommended not to consume in excess because it has a cold nature, so it can cause problems if consumed excessively by people with a cold body.

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