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3 Ways Your Website Is Letting You Down

3 Ways Your Website Is Letting You Down
3 Ways Your Website Is Letting You Down (Credit: Pixabay)
3 Ways Your Website Is Letting You Down
3 Ways Your Website Is Letting You Down (Credit: Pixabay)

There is no denying that websites are an integral part of businesses now, and there is seldom a way around that, especially for new businesses. Buyers now want to know about the business before they make a purchase, and this process often entails a company’s website and not only the contents of it but also how it performs.

Your website needs to be up to scratch to make a good impression on consumers, and if it is not, it could be letting you down. This piece will take a look at some of the things you might need to fix in order to improve your website, and then, in turn, improve your business’s success.
No to Being Slow

Bluntly, many customers don’t have time for waiting anymore. With everything at people’s fingers and with a click of a button, instant gratification is easier than it has ever been. So, when a consumer comes across something that takes a long time to load, you can bet it is going to put them off. Not only is it a pain, especially if someone is browsing, but it can also be a sign that the website is not well maintained, which does not look good on a business. Make sure to speak to a professional who can speed up your website to improve ease of use for customers and see your contact and click-through time improve.

Make It Make Sense

If your customer is struggling to navigate your website and it does not follow a logical path to the checkout point, you might find that you lose them. No one wants to be thinking too hard when they are trying to have a pleasant browsing experience, so if they keep ending up somewhere different than where is obvious, it can be very off-putting. Make sure your website makes sense throughout and that it aligns properly with your goals. If you are not sure if this is the case, then invest in conversion rate optimisation services so the professionals can make sure everything is in order.

Mobile First

Did you know, 8.3 million people were paying online on their mobiles at the end of 2019? This number will significantly increase for the following couple of years. It is easier than ever for people to shop from their mobiles. It is discrete, people can do it in bed, on the toilet, or walking to lunch, and many websites are set up now where, if you are a regular, you only need to press around two buttons to complete a transaction. The shorter the time a buyer can choose their item, get to the checkout and complete it, reduces how much time they have to talk themselves out of buying whatever it is. Because of this, these impulse buys are often mobile-related, which is why your business needs to be optimised to run on mobile effectively and efficiently. If you for-go this step, you could be looking at a significant reduction in purchases.

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